Rules and Regulations

    • As per letter dated 10.7.2015 From Joint Commissioner (Personnel) the facilities in ZIET including accommodation cannot be extended to other than trainees.
    • Smoking and Drinking strictly prohibited inside the room as well as ZIET campus.
    • Defacing the walls or interiors of the rooms or anywhere in the Premises shall invite stern Action.
    • The keys should not be carried by the participants along with them and must be deposited at ZIET office / in charge stay during office hours or with the nominated person after office hours.
    • The lights and fans must be switched off when participants leave the room.
    • Water must be used judiciously and wastage must be prevented at any cost. Leaky tap must be brought to the notice for rectification.
    • The rooms shall be allotted to all the participants of programs held in ZIET Mysore. If room beds are available then the escorts will be allotted.

    Among the escorts preference will be given to participants who are:-

    1. Visually challenged.
    2. Physically Challenged.
    3. Suffering from ailments or disorders and can produce medical certificate.
    4. Dependent minor children in this order of priority.